Secure Client Portal

Carpenter’s Tax uses a secure portal to send and receive confidential documents to our clients.  You can now send and receive confidential documents, tax letters and notices, your completed tax organizers, and any other document you can scan into a pdf.

The portal is more secure than attaching documents to an email, and is just as easy.

In order to use our client portal, you first of all have to be a current tax client of our office.  You will also need access to the internet, as well as an e-mail address.  Our client portal requires that the email address you use to access the portal is the same one we used to send you your temporary password.  You will also need to remember your password, or call us so we can set you up with a new one.

Some of our clients used the new portal last year.   Those clients should still have access to the portal as long as they use the same email address and password as before.

If you are new to Carpenter’s Tax & Accounting, we prefer a face to face meeting with you.  Once you are accepted as a client, we can set you up with portal access.

Our tax clients who have not used our client portal before, can call our office to request that we add their account to the portal.

Our client portal is available to our current tax clients only.

Using our client portal to deliver a document, letter, or notice you received will save a trip to our office, and get the information to us faster.

The only thing the portal can do is securely send or receive pdf documents to or from us.  Documents are kept on the portal only long enough for the recipient to download them to their own computer or other device.   The portal is not set up or designed to store or maintain documents for more than a few days.  Think of it kind of like a paperless fax machine.

We will send you an email with a temporary password that you should change when you first log onto the portal.

To log onto the portal go to the portal webiste at:  

Once logged on you can upload pdf documents.

Or you can download pdf documents that we have placed in your portal file.