Tax Client Organizer fpr 2016 Individual Tax Returns

On January 5th 2017, we mailed out our annual January tax packet to our individual tax clients.  The packet included the annual letter, the individual tax organizer (pages 1&2) on blue paper, (pages 3 & 4 on pink paper), and the annual engagement letter (on yellow paper).

We asked that you complete the blue sheet, review and sign the yellow sheet, call us to make your tax appointment, and bring in the blue and yellow sheets along with any tax documents you may have received by February 1st.  We offered a bribe if you made the deadline.

If you cannot locate your mailing, or would prefer an fillable form, this is a link that will allow you to download a pdf copy of the organizer to your computer where you can fill in the form, answer the questions.  You then can print it out to bring to us, or save it to your computer as a pdf, and upload it to us through the portal.


2016 Individual Tax Client Organizer