2016 – Sole Proprietor Worksheet

Our clients who are sole proprietors, or independent contractors and report their business income and expenses on Schedule C generally need to provide additional information to us regarding the 2016 business income and expenses.

We have a worksheet (organizer) for that purpose which will help you get your books and records organized, and ready to bring to us.

THE SOLE PROPRIETOR ORGANIZER is in addition to the individual tax client organizer.

Please download the Sole Proprietor Organizer, at the very least fill in the name and address sections, and answer the questions.  I you are providing us with a copy of you quickbooks, or other bookkeeping records, you do not need to duplicate that information on the worksheet.   The worksheet can be used to get an idea of what information about your business we will need you to provide.

However, if you are not providing your bookkeeping records and reports, this worksheet may help you locate and organize your 2016 business income and expenses.

Individual Organizer – Sole Proprietors

We mailed out on January 6th our Individual Client Tax Organizer, and annual engagement letter to our individual tax clients.  If you did not receive, lost, or prefer a fillable pdf copy, please download the 2017 Individual Client Tax Letter and the 2016 Individual Tax Client Organizer as well as the 2016 Engagement Letter (YellowSheet) General_Engagement_Letter_for_Individual_Tax_Return_Preparation

Once the forms have been downloaded and saved to your computer, you should be able to open them in adobe acrobat, complete the forms on your computer, save the completed pdf form then upload it to our portal.

If you prefer to complete the forms by hand, simply print the forms on your printer, complete the forms, send or bring them to us along with the rest of your tax documents and information.

The fastest, and safest way to send us documents is to scan them to your computer in (pdf format).  Then upload the pdf file to our secure portal.