January 2017 – Snow, Freezing Rain, Cold

January 16, 2017

Barbara and I flew to Billings MT on Friday January 6th to attend a family wedding reception on Saturday January 7th.  When we arrived in Billings that Friday evening we found the roads packed with snow, and below freezing temperatures with highs in the teens, and lows down to 7.  I wasn’t sure if we were in Montana or Minnesota.  But I knew we were not in Oregon.  We planned to fly in Friday afternoon, and fly back to Portland Sunday afternoon.

Apparently, while we were in Montana, a winter ice storm hit Portland.  Alaska Airlines cancelled the flight to Portland on Saturday, and again on Sunday.  We were stuck in Billings with the packed snow and cold for another night.  Since Portland Public Schools was closed on Monday (January 9th) our office was closed as well.

Fortunately, for us the flight to Portland on Monday after a short delay, actually took off and made it to Portland. The roads were wet, but not frozen, and since we still had a dinner voucher from the airline that was about to expire, we had dinner at the airport before picking up my sister-in-law’s SUV from long term parking and driving home.  Barbara’s sister and brother-in-law planned to stay in Montana a couple of extra days, so we bailed their car out of Long-Term parking and took it home.  Saved us getting a ride from the airport, and saved the in-laws a few buck on parking.

On Tuesday January 10th, our office was open as usual, (the only day it was open last week).  Barbara and I left early to pick up the in-laws at the airport, and brought them to our house about the time the snow started to fall.  Since their flight was delayed, by the time they got to our house, it was too late for them to drive all the way home to Coos Bay.  So they spent the night with us.

On Wednesday January 11th, we woke up to what looked like nearly a foot of snow, schools were closed, chains were required in Portland, and traffic was not going anywhere.  The office was again closed, and our in-laws spent another night with us.

Thursday rolls around, snow everywhere, but the in-laws get going early and manage to get out of town before the snow started falling again.  Schools were still closed, and so was our office, but we did manage to get the 4wd van out long enough to get to the bank and do a little shopping.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, more of the same.

Now that the weather is supposed to warm up and the snow is supposed to melt, there was talk about flooding.  But before that happens, it looks like we will get another ice storm tonight.  PPS Closed schools on Tuesday January 17th, so our office will be closed again.  Looks like I may have to put chains on the 4wd after all.

The Mustang is still in the driveway, all covered in snow, and soon to be ice.  I don’t let the Mustang play in the snow.   The Lincoln is doing great in the snow, but if we have to deal with ice, I’ll put the chains on.  The 2003 VW (Red) Van does good in the snow with chains on the front, but since we are trying to sell it, (It was replaced with the Lincoln because it doesn’t like pulling our new travel trailer), even though I drove it a little on Saturday, it’s staying parked until the weather improves.